About company

The MS Element company began its activity in 2010 from a small workshop for the manufacture of glass products in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. To date, the production has been significantly expanded with equipment for cutting and processing edges, a furnace for tempering and bending glass has been installed, and the production of structures based on aluminum profile systems has been created.

The main activities of MS Element

  • Всі види обробки скла та дзеркала
  • Виробництво загартованого та молірованого скла
  • Скляні заготовки для меблевих виробництв , виробників дверей, скляних цехів;
  • Готові вироби зі скла та дзеркала
  • Конструкції з алюмінієвого профілю для шаф -купе та розсувних систем
  • Конструкції з алюмінієвого профілю із заповненням зі скла для навісних фасадів кухні та інших меблів
  • Готові меблі зі вставками скла та дзеркала
  • Будь-які конструкції зі скла та дзеркала (оздоблення стін, колон тощо)


For 9 years on the market, more than 420,000 sq. m of a hardened warehouse, including mirrors from a warehouse and mirrors of various forms and expansions. The power workshops are equipped with the best European possessions, which allow you to win:

Opening warehouse on two automated lines: "Botero 371" PLF - format (Jumbo 6000*3210) and "MAVER 471" DLF - format (3210*2550).

Edge treatment on 3 horizontal lines Double edging "Intermac Busetti" with a maximum workpiece size of 4600 * 3300 mm, and on vertical straight machines Z. BAVELLONI Gemy 11.

Drilling, milling of holes and notches on two CNC centers Forvet Francesca, which allows you to achieve high speed and accuracy in the manufacture of high quality parts.

Tempering and molting of glass on the furnace "LANDGLASS" format (4100 * 2400 max-min 300 * 100 and mir R molyvaniye 1000 mm) with a productivity over 500 sq.m. m per shift.

Decorative rectilinear finishing of a glass edge and a facet mirror on the machine of the Italian production "Bovone Mini-max 471" (the maximum width of a facet is 60 mm).

High-precision curvilinear edge processing, engraving, facet on glass and mirrors, on the CNC machine "Intermac Master 45" (maximum workpiece size 4000 * 2200).

UV printing on the Mimaki JFX-1631 printer, which allows you to apply a full-color image with an additional white color coating on a surface thickness of 1 mm to 50 mm, with a high resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Printing area - width up to 1602 mm, length up to 3100 mm

Sandblasting of glass: solid (frosted glass or mirror), art (drawing), deep (3d - finishing) and sandblasting of amalgams. The maximum size of a detail is 3210 * 2500 mm.

Lamination (triplexing) of glass on EVA technologies on two furnaces with a total productivity of 350 m 2 per day (format of blanks max 3800 * 1800 and 3300 * 2300, min size is unlimited).

Advantages of MS Element:

  • Own production base.
  • Complete closed cycle of glass processing.
  • Qualified staff.
  • Price and quality of products.
  • Fast terms of execution of orders.
  • Delivery of products across all territory of Ukraine by specially equipped cars for transportation of products from glass.