Decorative glass for doors in interior design

decorative glass for doors

Glass in the door is a long-established way to decorate the doorway. It has long taken its place in design and has become indispensable. The canvas will favorably emphasize any interior, visually enlarge the space and eliminate the feeling of isolation of the room. The production of this material does not stand still, but is developing rapidly. Therefore, there is now a large selection of both ready-made and custom-made products on the market.

What kind of glass in the door is better to choose?

When choosing glass for interior or other doors, many customers are confused by the variety of options offered. In order not to get confused in a huge assortment, consider the options for glazing:

  1. transparent - ideal for rooms in which you need to visually enlarge the space and provide sunlight;
  2. tinted - an excellent solution if the room needs to be slightly darkened;
  3. matte - multifunctional in application, as it is used in the design of houses, offices or public places where it is necessary to make an invisible space;
  4. patterned - will be a wonderful addition to the interior. For this material, you can choose any pattern and color. It is not recommended to install the material in dusty buildings.

How to install glass doors?

It is not difficult to install glass interior doors, but, as in every business, there are some details that need to be taken into account:

  • the weight of the structure is several times greater than the analogue made of wood;
  • the product must clearly correspond to the dimensions, since in finished form it cannot be adjusted to the size of the opening;
  • despite the fact that it is almost impossible to damage the canvas, it must be mounted very carefully.

Therefore, in order for the installation to be carried out correctly, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

The glass in the door is made from a special material

If you still have not decided to order glass for an interior door, then you should learn about the undeniable advantages of the material. This design is made using a special hardening technology. Safety and high strength are the main characteristics of the product. In case of damage, small pieces with smooth edges are formed that will not harm a person. Thickness and dimensions are selected individually depending on the type of door. Triplex is also often used - a multilayer fabric with a layer of polymer. It is characterized by strength, but even in the event of a split, it will not shatter into fragments, but will stick to the polymer layer.

Additional decoration options for glass doors

An additional decor for your design will be a pattern applied to transparent or frosted glass for interior doors according to an individually designed sketch. It is also possible to decorate the product with a pattern or photo printing. It is both almost transparent and completely opaque. On the site you can choose a theme that will complement your interior.

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to buy glass for an interior door to perform a variety of functions. They are installed:

  • in apartments and houses;
  • offices and public spaces;
  • shops and shopping centers;
  • baths and saunas.


MS Element is a specialist focused on the quality and reliability of its products. Here you will find absolutely any use of the material, from standard to unusual (for example, sauna glass.

You can use the calculator to calculate the cost yourself. You can also contact the manager by phone. +38 096 736 52 42, +38 099 003 90 73. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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