The original approach - skinali in the interior of the kitchen

skinali in the interior of the kitchen

Glass on the working wall of the kitchen is an original approach to designing a modern interior design. Thanks to this solution, you can equip any space allocated for the work area. The manufacturing technology makes the panel durable, so the skinali will delight the owners at least until the next repair.

How to choose a glass apron

The most reliable option is a tempered glass apron for the kitchen. It is distinguished by excellent performance data and concise appearance. Such a product is made using a special hardening technology, which allows you to make it 5 times stronger than a regular canvas. But even if damage occurs, it will shatter into small pieces with smooth edges. Experts recommend choosing a product thickness of 6-10 millimeters for the working area.

Kitchen aprons made of glass have many advantages compared to the standard option - tiles:

ease of installation. Installation of the panel by experienced specialists takes 1-2 hours;
visually expand the space;
hygiene. The absence of irregularities and seams avoids the accumulation of dirt on the surface;
a wide range of design solutions.
It is worth paying attention to one of the disadvantages of tempered glass skinali - this is the inability to make changes to the finished product. All work is carried out before hardening, therefore, when ordering, the exact dimensions of the panel and additional holes must be taken into account.

Varieties and features of using a glass apron in the kitchen

A glass kitchen apron will be a real decoration of any design, be it modern, hi-tech or even a classic interior. Indeed, for decoration, you can use different types of glass:

transparent. It will help to emphasize and not hide the pattern on the wallpaper, brick or wood trim;
matt. It will become a stylish and unobtrusive addition to the interior;
dyed. Will make the kitchen bright;
mirror tiles. It will ideally fit into a small space, fill it with light and visually expand it.

An interesting decor option would be sandblasting or applying a texture imitating some material (stone, brickwork, marble, etc.) on the panel. The technology of applying the image using UV printing is very popular. Such a pattern is rich and voluminous. It does not lose color over time. In order for photo printing to fit perfectly into your interior design, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the catalog of sketches on the website

The decorative panel will help emphasize the original design of even the smallest kitchen. A harmonious combination with wall decoration and furniture will make the room cozy, filled with light and visually enlarge the space. It is best to buy glass skinals for the kitchen from a manufacturer who can ensure quality and take into account all the wishes of the client.

MS Element is a glass processing expert with many years of experience. Realizes the most daring ideas of the client using the canvas in the design of the decor.

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For self-calculation of the cost of glass on the site there is a calculator.


How to choose a glass apron

A tempered glass apron will be a decoration for a kitchen of any size and style. This type of wall decoration is safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

01 Apr 2020

Varieties and features of using a glass apron in the kitchen

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