Glass railings for stairs

glass railings for stairs

Glass railings and stairs are one of the most common decor options in modern interiors. They do not clutter up the space, but, on the contrary, contribute to the visual expansion of the room and filling it with light. Suitable for arranging small and large areas.

Stairs with glass steps

Stairs and railings made of glass are made from the following types of materials:

Triplex - a multilayer fabric glued together with a polymer. It has increased impact resistance, so it is almost impossible to damage it, but if this happens, it does not collapse, but remains on the film. It is safe and heat-resistant, and also withstands high humidity. It is used for the production of steps.
A bent (bent) product due to heat treatment can be of different shapes;
Hardened raw materials are subjected to high temperatures in a special furnace, which gives it increased strength.

Glass railings for stairs

Glass railings for stairs perform not only an aesthetic role, but also ensure the safety of movement. All-glass railings create a light and sophisticated design. Combined options with wood, metal or plastic will also look spectacular.

Glass staircase. Features and options

Glass handrails for stairs are used in the following options:

marching. Serves as a direct connection between floors, is the most popular view;
screw. Compact design, but difficult to climb;
bolt design. The steps are held on special mounting stands mounted in the wall. Allows you to save space.

Glass handrails on the stairs have a number of advantages in use:

do not clutter up the space, help create a relaxed atmosphere;
does not emit toxic substances and is completely environmentally friendly;
fungi, mold and other microorganisms do not form on the surface;
not amenable to deformation, which allows you to maintain the original appearance;
fill the room with light, because they do not prevent its penetration.

Handrail finishing methods

Railings with glass can be tinted, transparent, matte and painted. The refined appearance of the surface with a printed pattern, pattern or bronze coating will decorate laconic interiors. For bold and extraordinary ideas, you can use photo printing. Recently, 3D drawings imitating stone, wood, sky or water drops have been popular. This design will emphasize the individuality of the design. The site presents a wide range of images for a variety of ways to decorate.

It should also be noted that glass for railings, the price of which is significantly underestimated, may not meet quality standards. Therefore, you need to purchase the product from a trusted manufacturer.

The MS Element company carries out production and all types of processing of a cloth. We implement any projects. For information about the possibilities of using products for your ideas, please contact our manager at tel. +38 096 736 52 42, +38 099 003 90 73. We will be happy to help. The site has a calculator for self-calculation of the cost of glass.


Stairs with glass steps

Glass stairs are an original solution for decorating houses, shopping centers, offices and concert halls. The design will visually expand the space, fill it with light and comfort.

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Glass railings for stairs

Glass railings perform not only an aesthetic function, but also provide safety when moving.

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