Glass awnings - a modern and original element

Glass awnings

A glass visor is a sought-after element in the design of modern buildings. It not only decorates the building, but also reliably performs all the necessary protective functions for entering the premises. Innovative technologies in the production of canvas allow you to make a product of individual sizes, shapes and colors, and it will also meet all safety requirements.

Types of fabric for glass structures

In order for the glass canopies over the entrance to serve for many years, you should choose only high-quality material:

triplex. It consists of several layers of canvas glued together with a polymer. High-strength and heat-resistant raw material, which, even if damaged, does not crumble into fragments, but is securely held on the film;
red-hot. A special technology of hardening in a furnace at a temperature of 650-680 degrees, which gives the glass the ability to withstand any mechanical stress. It is safe even when broken, because it breaks into small pieces with smooth edges that will not harm adults, children and animals.
To give the product unusual configurations and bends, the bending process is used.

Ways of fastening elements from a glass cloth

Installation of structures is carried out using different methods of fastening:

glass canopy on cables or shrouds does not create additional load and is securely mounted to the wall. This option does not require the use of racks;
the metal frame acts as a supporting structure into which the canvas is inserted. It is made of stainless steel or ferrous metal, painted in the desired color;
structures on supports are used for massive elements. They consist of metal supports fixed to the floor.

A number of advantages of glass elements

Glass visors and canopies will serve as protection from rain, snow, leaves and various debris into the room. And a number of advantages will allow you to operate the product without any fear:

not afraid of high humidity and temperature changes. Resistant to all weather conditions;
impact resistance and durability. Withstands a variety of loads and even the fall of heavy objects;
high rigidity. The glass canopy on the shrouds provides increased rigidity and reliability of the structure;
protection from UV rays. Does not fade in the sun, so it retains its appearance for many years;
does not corrode. Unlike metal or other material, even over time it does not sag or leak;
eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly material that does not pollute the environment and does not cause allergic reactions.

MS Element is a time-tested glass processing specialist. All products are manufactured by high-level specialists on innovative equipment.

You can ask all questions about the possibilities of using the canvas to our manager by phone. +38 096 736 52 42, +38 099 003 90 73.

We will be happy to help you bring your ideas to life.

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