Glass canopy on shrouds

Glass canopy on shrouds

The glass canopy on the shrouds is securely attached to any wall and has a presentable appearance. Quality construction made of impact-resistant material.

What is the purpose of the visor on the shrouds

A glass canopy on cables is installed above the front door of small buildings. It is fixed to the wall with pendants and due to this it seems that the glass is floating in the air. Easy to assemble and quick to install, the visor is more than just a design statement. It protects the entrance from the bright sun and adverse weather conditions. You can install such a glass canopy not only in public institutions - it is perfect for a residential building, office, cafe.

Stylish decor element - glass visor

he glass canopy as a modern element of architecture emphasizes the individuality and aesthetics of the building. This type of canopy gives the building a complete look. At first glance, the glass canopy looks fragile, but in fact it is a quality product made of heat-resistant material. The robust construction serves to decorate the facade and protect against atmospheric precipitation.

Installation of glass visors on suspensions

Tempered glass canopies can be attached to the wall using stainless steel cables. Depending on the surface material - wood, brick or concrete - a different set of fixing tools can be used. The glass is fixed from above in a suspended way using guys, which are mounted to the facade through special clamps and rutels.

The cable-stayed visor is strong and reliable, withstands heavy loads and is durable.

Material for glass visors

The design of the visor consists of glass and a mounting set. They are interconnected, therefore, in order to select the appropriate fittings, you need to take into account the thickness and type of glass. For the canopy, impact-resistant triplex glass is used, which undergoes chemical and heat treatment and is tempered in a furnace. This is laminated glass, which consists of two or more glasses, where the sheets are interconnected using a polymer film. It is much stronger than ordinary glass and is not inferior to metal in its properties. Triplex has strength characteristics and is considered safe.

Color solution for canopy (glass)

Taking into account the individual wishes of the client, the glass for the visor can be tinted using a matte film that connects the glass sheets to each other.

To implement the most daring ideas, color triplex is used, where acrylic paint of any shade is applied to one or more glasses.

A novelty in the design of the exterior is a decorative pattern, which can be selected in the interior printing studio “BIS”. For glasses, decorative color, mirror, holographic film or photo printing is used. It can be a logo, a picture or a thematic image. This type of design will attract the eyes of passers-by and will be remembered for a long time.

Cost and order of glass visor

How to choose a stylish canopy for the facade of the building? It is important to decide on the design and correctly select the components necessary in order to install a canopy. You can calculate the price of the finished product yourself on our website using a calculator to calculate the cost of glass.

The MS Element company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of glass canopies and will quickly install the canopy with high quality. We carry out delivery to all regions of Ukraine.

Our manager will help you answer any questions you have regarding the use of glass and make calculations.

We will be happy to help and gladly answer your questions.


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