Glass tables in the interior

glass tables in the interior

The glass table in the interior is a modern and elegant solution that will decorate any room, will be in harmony with furniture and wall decoration. The seemingly fragile material performs its main functions in full, since only high-quality raw materials are used for products. The variety of models on the market strikes the imagination of even the most demanding decorators.

What kind of glass is used for tables ?

The glass table to order is made of reliable tempered material. The canvas is processed in a special oven at a temperature of 650-680 degrees, followed by cooling with jets of cold air. The hardening process gives it increased strength, resistance to temperature extremes and external influences. It is almost impossible to damage the structure, but even if it breaks, it will shatter into small pieces with smooth edges that are safe for others. 

Popular options for modern design projects

The glass table is one of the most popular options for furnishing homes, apartments and office space. It can be square, oval, round, rectangular shape. When choosing a model, you should focus on the overall design and the area allocated for the product. The tabletop can be transparent, matte, tinted or painted in any shade. An important role is played by the frame, it must be in harmony with the pieces of furniture. The material for the structures can be: metal, wood, plastic, rattan.

glass tables in the interior

What is important to know about glass tables ?

Before you buy a glass table , you should find out about its advantages:

  • aesthetics . Weightless appearance will give lightness to the interior;
  • hygiene . Fungi, mold and other microorganisms do not form on the surface;
  • ease of care . Easily remove any dirt with a soft cloth and liquid detergent;
  • environmental friendliness . Does not emit toxic substances into the environment;
  • moisture resistance , due to which the countertop is not deformed;
  • resistance to UV rays . Does not fade in the sun, but at the same time does not prevent the penetration of light, which allows you to fill the room with additional lighting and visually increase the space;
  • no porous surface . Does not absorb odors, grease and other types of contaminants.

Among the shortcomings of this material, it is worth noting the vulnerability of the butt. A sharp blow relieves the stress acquired during hardening, which leads to the breakdown of the structure. Glass amplifies sounds, so you need to use napkins under the appliances.

Additional decoration of glass tables

Modern technologies make it possible to design a glass table in the interior of a kitchen , nursery, study, living room or other space using a pattern, ornament or pattern. An unusual way of finishing - photo printing. A realistic image of nature, imitation of stone, wood or water drops can be applied to the table top. Such a picture does not fade and does not wrinkle even with time, so it will delight the owners for many years. Use the ideas for printing on the site .

Thanks to the bending process , glass coffee tables and models for dining areas can become real design masterpieces. Such a canvas accepts any lines, bends and configurations.

The MS Element company - makes any designs from a cloth and a mirror. 

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What kind of glass is used for tables

The glass table must be made of hardened canvas. Such a product will withstand any mechanical stress and will be safe in case of damage.

01 Apr 2020

Glass coffee tables

The coffee table with glass will harmoniously fit into any interior. It will emphasize the individuality and originality of the design, as well as create a cozy atmosphere.

01 Apr 2020

Glass table for the kitchen

The glass table for kitchen is esthetic and practical in operation. It is not afraid of temperature changes, high humidity, and also does not absorb unpleasant odors and grease.

01 Apr 2020

What is important to know about glass tables

Glass tables are durable and safe to use. Fungi, mold and other microorganisms do not form on their surface.

05 May 2022