What kind of glass is used for tables


Glass table has long been part of the interior of houses, apartments and offices. This is a stylish solution for small and large spaces. The design will look weightless and light, which will visually increase the space and not clutter it up.

Choosing glass for tables

Before you buy a glass table, you need to make sure of its quality. In order for the product to serve for many years and retain its appearance, a red-hot canvas is used. It is processed in a special oven at a temperature of 650-680 degrees, followed by cooling with jets of cold air. As a result, it becomes durable, resistant to shock and mechanical stress. Even when damaged, it shatters into small fragments with blunt edges, which cannot be hurt. Therefore, cabinets, glass coffee tables and countertops for dining areas are widely used in the design of a variety of design projects.

custom glass tables

What is important to know about glass tables?

Before assembling custom glass tables it is recommended to keep at room temperature for at least 2 hours. It is better to entrust the installation of the countertop to professionals who will carefully assemble it, taking into account all the nuances:

  • the installation of the structure must be carried out on a clean surface;
  • to avoid damage to threaded connections during work, it is unacceptable to overtighten the racks;
  • it is recommended to rearrange furniture from this canvas by holding the tabletop on both sides or rolling it with the help of ball bearings;
  • Tempered glass is afraid of a sharp impact on the edge, which should be taken into account when assembling.

Glass tables are made with a thickness of 10-12 mm, so you should not be afraid that it will crack. The material is not afraid of temperature changes and high humidity. It does not deform, does not absorb dirt and unpleasant odors. It is also an environmentally friendly material that does not emit toxic substances.

What loads can the product withstand?

Glass tables, the price of which corresponds to the quality of the product, can withstand heavy loads:

  • magazine - maximum weight 60 kg;
  • Glass kitchen table - maximum 80 kg (auxiliary table top 20 kg).

Glass table decor options

Modern technologies make it possible to use different types of canvas for interior decoration, which will emphasize the design and harmoniously fit into any design. The most common types:

  • matte. Perfectly masks cracks, scratches and other imperfections acquired during operation;
  • dyed. The glossy surface can be painted to match the wall finish;
  • transparent. Classic table top design. In order to give the product elegance, they use a variety of patterns or bronze plating;
  • bent. Thanks to the bending technology, the structure can take extraordinary forms.

A popular and beautiful way of finishing is photo printing. Realistic pictures of nature, stone, wood and even photos from a family album are used for printing. Such a design will decorate any room and emphasize the individuality of the design. The site studiobis.com.ua offers a catalog of printable images that will help you design your product.

MS Element has been a glass manufacturer since 2010. Performs a full cycle of work from measurements to installation and guarantees the quality of manufactured products.

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01 Apr 2020

Glass tables in the interior

The glass table looks perfect in any stylistic direction. It is combined with a variety of finishing materials and pieces of furniture.

05 May 2022

01 Apr 2020

What is important to know about glass tables

Glass tables are durable and safe to use. Fungi, mold and other microorganisms do not form on their surface.

05 May 2022