Glass for office furniture


Glass office furniture is a modern solution for creating a unique office interior design. Such furniture will make your workplace cozy and comfortable.

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Glass processing using different technologies, our services:

Edge processing - euroedge

This is the processing of a sharp and rough edge of a glass surface. After processing and polishing, it becomes smooth and trapezoidal.
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Facet processing

Such processing involves cutting a sharp edge from the front side. The width of such a cut can reach 60mm and is both practical and decorative.
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Chamfering at an angle from 15-45

One of the processing methods is used mainly for furniture and interior glass.

Glass tempering

This is a heat treatment of glass, due to which the glass becomes impact-resistant and temperature-resistant.
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Triplex glass

Bonding two or more sheets of glass, so that they do not shatter into fragments, but remain glued even if severely damaged.
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Gass bending

A temperature process by which glass can be curved.

UV glass bonding

Glues several sheets, which greatly expands the possibilities. With this type of gluing, the glass does not lose its original properties and remains the same transparent.

Glass painting

Application of a single-color or multi-color image on glass of any thickness. The drawing is resistant to washing, does not fade and is not erased.
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With the help of a special apparatus, a powerful jet of sand polishes the glass surface, making it matte. It is also possible to draw a picture using paints.
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Glass drilling

A complex procedure required to obtain holes of different diameters. In the future, such holes are used as fasteners and reference points for glass structures.

Photo printing on glass

Any printing in any color range is possible, regardless of whether this pattern is translucent or saturated.

One of the popular office design trends is glass office furniture. Made in a modern style, it visually creates the effect of free space. Such furniture is considered prestigious and emphasizes the high status of the enterprise. Progressive technologies for the manufacture of glass products allow the use of glass in various interior items. Creating the impression of lightness and airiness, transparent furniture is reliable, durable and resistant to mechanical damage. 

Where glass is used for office furniture

Glass furniture is not only practical, but also guarantees safety in operation. It withstands heavy loads thanks to innovative methods of tempering and glass processing. The glass used for glass furniture looks great in tandem with metal, wood, stone in:

  •  tables, chairs;
  •  cabinets, racks, shelves;
  •  stands for office equipment;
  • partitions and fences.

Glass office furniture is suitable for shaping a European interior in various styles: 

  • high-tech;
  • minimalism;
  • modern and others. 

скляні офісні меблі
скляні офісні меблі замовити
скляні офісні меблі купити
скло для офісних меблів

Features of the glass used 

During the production process, glass for office furniture is carefully processed, resulting in a strong and durable material. Tempered glass is resistant to temperature fluctuations and can withstand strong mechanical stress. After tempering in a special furnace, glass does not tolerate additional processing, so cutting, grinding and polishing of the product takes place before the tempering process. Also, for the manufacture of interior items, triplex is used, which has a lot of advantages in comparison with ordinary glass. Several layers of glass are glued together using a special film and polymeric materials, thereby ensuring the impact resistance of the product.

Fittings for glass furniture

Additional materials for glass furniture are selected separately, taking into account the preferences of the customer. Components and mechanisms make the furniture mobile and stable. Modern fittings for glass products look inconspicuous and do not take up much space. When choosing, it is important to take into account the functionality and quality of the material, since the reliability of the glass structure depends on this.

Design solutions for glass structures

Quality processed glass is an excellent material for the implementation of the most exclusive projects. MS Element offers the following surface treatments:

  • matte;
  • sprayed effect;
  • Mirror;
  • decoration with a pattern;
  • “crash” technology (creating the effect of cracked ice).

The style and originality of the space can be emphasized by applying UV printing on the glass surface of interior items. You can make photo printing on glass office furniture to order at “BIS” interior photo printing studio. If you decide to buy glass furniture, we will be happy to help you realize any of your creative ideas.

How to order glass furniture

You can buy glass office furniture from MS Element, which manufactures and delivers glass to all regions of Ukraine. If you have made your choice, you can calculate the approximate price yourself on the site using a calculator to calculate the cost of glass. For any questions regarding glass products, please call our manager at +38 096 736 52 42, +38 099 003 90 73. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions. Glass furniture will not only decorate the interior, but also make it a stylish place for work meetings and other events.

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