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Ceiling glass must be of high quality and safe to use. All requirements are met by triplex and hardened canvas

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Glass processing using different technologies, our services:

Edge processing - euroedge

This is the processing of a sharp and rough edge of a glass surface. After processing and polishing, it becomes smooth and trapezoidal.
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Facet processing

Such processing involves cutting a sharp edge from the front side. The width of such a cut can reach 60mm and is both practical and decorative.
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Chamfering at an angle from 15-45

One of the processing methods is used mainly for furniture and interior glass.

Glass tempering

This is a heat treatment of glass, due to which the glass becomes impact-resistant and temperature-resistant.
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Triplex glass

Bonding two or more sheets of glass, so that they do not shatter into fragments, but remain glued even if severely damaged.
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Gass bending

A temperature process by which glass can be curved.

UV glass bonding

Glues several sheets, which greatly expands the possibilities. With this type of gluing, the glass does not lose its original properties and remains the same transparent.

Glass painting

Application of a single-color or multi-color image on glass of any thickness. The drawing is resistant to washing, does not fade and is not erased.
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With the help of a special apparatus, a powerful jet of sand polishes the glass surface, making it matte. It is also possible to draw a picture using paints.
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Glass drilling

A complex procedure required to obtain holes of different diameters. In the future, such holes are used as fasteners and reference points for glass structures.

Photo printing on glass

Any printing in any color range is possible, regardless of whether this pattern is translucent or saturated.

For the design of projects of various premises, many designers choose glass ceilings. This way of decoration will decorate restaurants, concert halls, offices, shops, water parks, as well as private houses and apartments. An original way to emphasize the interior and create the necessary “mood” space.

Web types for a secure construction

In order for the design to be reliable, the glass ceiling must be ordered only from high-quality material. All security requirements correspond to the following types:

  • hardened. It is produced in a special oven at a temperature of 650-680 degrees, followed by cooling with cold air. This treatment gives the glass strength and the ability to withstand any mechanical stress. It is almost impossible to break it, but even when broken it will shatter into small pieces with blunt edges that are completely safe for others;
  • triplex. Several layers of canvas, which are glued together with a polymer. It has increased impact resistance, and even if damaged, it does not shatter into fragments, but remains on the film.

скляні стелі
скляні стелі купити
скляні стелі замовити
стеля зі скла

Pros of glass ceilings

A glass ceiling made from the above materials has many advantages that distinguish it from others:

  • resistant to temperature changes. Due to this property, glass ceilings are often used in the kitchen;
  • ease of care. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to wipe the structure with a soft sponge using liquid detergent;
  • does not fade. Even over time, the product will not lose its appearance;
  • hygiene. Fungi and mold do not form on the surface;
  • fire safety. The material does not ignite or burn;
  • moisture resistance. Does not absorb moisture, which avoids all kinds of deformations. That is why glass ceilings for the bathroom are very popular;
  • variety of ways to decorate. Many types of canvas processing will help to realize any design projects.

Product decoration

Glass ceilings in the bedroom, living room, office or in the interior of any other room will be a practical and concise solution. Thanks to a large number of design methods, you can create a unique interior. Decor can be:

  • matte. This effect is achieved by chemical treatment (satin) or sandblasting technology. It is a popular solution for decorating living rooms;
  • glossy. The product can be made in any color scheme. In such a ceiling structure, all objects are reflected - this creates an unusual visual effect;
  • Mirror. An original version that will allow you to implement original stylistic solutions. 

Glass for the ceiling can be additionally decorated with a variety of patterns, ornaments or patterns. Photo printing is also often used in modern interiors. With its help, a realistic picture of any complexity is created on the canvas. This method of decor is used to decorate various design projects, since it is possible to apply an image according to your own sketch. a lot of options for printing.

With the right choice of material, the glass ceiling will become safe and practical to use, and thanks to the decor methods, you will bring all ideas to life.

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